Upcoming Sermons

Sunday, July 2, 2017  10 am
Young Adults with Twinks Hastings
The Young Adults will be participating in their annual summer service.  It’s always inspiring to hear from our young people with their perspective on our faith!

 Sunday, July 9, 2017  10 am
All Bodies are Good Bodies
-Liz Libby
We’ll be talking about all the ways we could be happier if we stopped waging war
on our own bodies and those of others.

 Sunday, July 16, 2017  10 am
Empathy in The Age of Trump: Is Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes What we Really Need?
-Lindsey Straus

America has become more divided than ever.  To bridge our differences, some suggest we need to strengthen our capacity to experience the world as others see it, to help us scale what sociologist Arlie Russell Hochshild calls in her book Strangers in Their Own Land, the “empathy wall” that so often separates us.  Others, including psychologist Paul Bloom in his controversial new book, Against Empathy, believe that our natural impulse to share the feelings of others can do more harm than good, both on the world stage and in our personal lives, and that while empathy may be the developmental core of morality, we ultimately need to develop the ability to care and make compassionate decisions without having to step into other people’s shoes.  Come join worship leader Lindsey Straus as she explores empathy in its many complexities