The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the church. Members are elected at the annual congregational meeting and serve from 1 to 3 years. As our polity is congregational–decisions are made by the church members and not some other entity beyond our walls–the Board is empowered to make decisions related to the “big picture” of the church.

Our Board is primarily a visioning Board, charged with thinking about how we might grow and evolve as a religious community. The Board sets certain kinds of policy, creates the mission statement, and “dreams big.” It is the minister with support from the staff who charts a course aimed at realizing those dreams, that vision.

2016-2017 Board Trustees

Carol Ann Yeaple, President
Julia Enroth, Past President
Judy Harrison, President-Elect
David Winther, Treasurer
Jim Hild, Clerk
Dwight Woodson
Sue Daley
Bill Roberts
Twinks Hastings

Best Practices of the Board

The Board will seek congregational input when considering Board decisions that would create a major departure from current practices.  ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND BOARD MEETINGS.  At the beginning of each Board meeting time will be allotted for members of the congregation to come before the Board to make comments or ask questions.  If you plan to attend please let the Board President know so you can be put on the agenda. There is a bulletin board in the Parish Room that may include photos and contact information for the Board members, Board meeting minutes and other items deemed appropriate by the board, such as copy of the Bylaws, letter from the Board president, etc.

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

By Laws of First Parish Brewster as amended June 2016

Roles and Responsibilities Task Force

Financial Review

Contacts: Board, Committees, Council, Staff 2016-17

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