The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the church. Members are elected at the annual congregational meeting and serve from 1 to 3 years. The Board is empowered to make decisions as the representatives of the congregation related to the “big picture” of the church and is its legal representative. The Board’s four main areas of focus include: vision, policy, finance and personnel. As a visioning Board it is charged with thinking about how we might grow and evolve as a spiritual community and live out our mission statement. The Board works in conjunction with the Minister and the Council in a three-way governance partnership. It is the minister who supports the staff and together they work day to day to help realize its dreams and visions and support the wider congregation.

2017-2018 Board Trustees
Judy Harrison, President
Carol Ann Yeaple, Past President
Pat Stover, President-Elect
Diane Pansire, Treasurer
James Carbone, Clerk
Jim Hild
Susan Daly
Bill Roberts
Liz Gordon

Best Practices of the Board

The Board will seek congregational input when setting policy and making decisions that would create a major departure from current practices.


If you have specific items that you would like the Board/Council to consider, please bring them to the attention of the board president or council chair.  It will then be discussed and relegated to the appropriate governance body so that your concern can be put on the agenda.

There is a bulletin board in the Parish Room that will include photos and contact information for the Board members, Board minutes in brief, Board agenda and other items deemed appropriate by the board. Minutes and policy are posted on the web site after they have been approved.

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

By Laws of First Parish Brewster as amended June 2017

Multi-Generational Task Force Report–3-13-17

Most Recent Financial Review

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