Stewardship 2017-2018

In times like these… we need our church community.

For fellowship.

For compassion.

To find meaning.

To sooth our souls.

To make a difference.

To shine a light for justice.


First  Parish  Brewster

Unitarian Universalist stands for a lot of things. Things like love, empathy, and acceptance. As well as spirit, openness, and inclusivity. Not to mention truth, diversity, and justice. Things that our world, our community,   and   our   souls,  need.

First Parish is your community, and will always be there for you, in times of joy and times of challenge. Our core values of acceptance, respect, and love never waiver. We know that every person can shine in their unique way, and we actively seek to bring out the best in one another. This is a community where it is safe to sometimes feel vulnerable because we both support, and are supported by  each  other.

In times like these, it’s comforting to be a part of a community connected by our values.

First Parish is also a place for each of us, no matter where we come from and what path we have travelled, to seek out meaning and both celebrate, and share the truths we find along our paths of discovery.

In times like these, reflecting on the larger mysteries of life nourishes us and gives us strength to face life’s difficulties.

At First Parish, we translate our values into action. This community has a long history of working to create compassion and equality, from civil disobedience as the first sanctuary site in the northeast, to becoming the first Welcoming Congregation in the Unitarian Universalist Association. We are active in the areas of environmental justice, anti-racism, immigration justice and homelessness prevention, among many others. There is no question that justice work is a passion here at First Parish. Whether you choose to take an active role or cheer on others, as a member of this church, you are making the world a better place.

In times like these, working together amplifies our individual voices so we can bring more love and justice into the world.

Now, more than ever…. We need each other.

Now, more than ever…. We need First Parish.

Now, more than ever… First Parish needs you.

Your gifts strengthen our community.  We invite you to give generously.

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