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June 14, 2015  Whose Flag is it Anyway?  Rev Don Beaudreault

June 7, 2015  Celebrating First Parish  Rev Don Beaudreault

May 3, 2015  Let It Be A Dance We Do  Rev Don Beaudreault

April 26, 2015  Unitarian Universalism  Rev Don Beaudreault

April 19, 2015  Religious Freedom  Rev Don Beaudreault

April 5, 2015  Easter/ Ever-Recreating  Rev Don Beaudreault

March  29, 2015  The Fool Within Us  Rev Don Beaudreault

March 15, 2015  Do the Dead Talk to Us  Rev Don Beaudreault

February 8, 2015  Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing   Rev Don Beaudreault

February 1, 2015  Brain Science, Part Two   Rev Don Beaudreault

January 18, 2015  Selma, Ferguson, etc. – Will It Never End?  Rev Don Beaudreault

January 11, 2015  Brain Science: Defining Self for the New Year, Part One  Rev Don Beaudreault

December 24, 2014  Rudolph Christmas Eve  Rev Don Beaudreault

December 24, 2014  Suspension Christmas Eve  Rev Don Beaudreault

December 14, 2014  Music Sunday  Rev Don Beaudreault

December 7, 2014  A Day That Calls Us to Our Better Self  Rev Don Beaudreault

November 23, 2014  Thanksgiving:  The Fine Art of Hospitality  Rev Don Beaudreault

November 16, 2014  Getting Our Act Together – Part Five  Rev Don Beaudreault

November 9, 2014  Getting Our Act Together – Part Four  Rev Don Beaudreault

November 2, 2014  Necessary Losses  Rev Don Beaudreault

October 26, 2014  The Masks We Wear  Rev Don Beaudreault

October 19, 2014  Getting Our Act Together – Part Three  Rev Don Beaudreault

October 12, 2014  Getting Our Act Together – Part Two  Rev Don Beaudreault

October 5, 2014  Getting Our Act Together – Part One  Rev Don Beaudreault

September 28, 2014  UU: Ever Questioning, Ever Evolving – Part Three  Rev Don Beaudreault

September 21, 2014  UU: Ever Questioning, Ever Evolving – Part Two  Rev Don Beaudreault

September 14, 2014  UU: Ever Questioning, Ever Evolving – Part One  Rev Don Beaudreault

September 7, 2014  Ingathering and Water Communion Rev Don Beaudreault

June 8, 2014  State of the Church Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz & Rev Jade D’Aquilarive  “JD” Benson (their final svc)

May 25, 2014  In (What?) Do We Trust?  Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

May 11, 2014 Hearts and Flowers Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz & Rev Jade D’Aquilarive Benson

May 4, 2014  Source of All Rev JD Benson

April 6, 2014  Living Service As a Prayer  Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

March 16, 2014 Attending Fear Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz & Rev Jade D’Aquilarive Benson

March 2, 2014 Divine Harmony Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

February 23, 2014 Loving the Hell Out of the World Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

February 9, 2014 Love, For Good  (in two parts) Rev Jade “JD” Benson

February 2, 2014  All Souls Growing Rev JD Benson

January 19, 2014 Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution  Rev JD Benson

January 12, 2014 Sacramental Seeking  Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

December 1, 2013 Living a Doctrine of Love  Rev JD Benson

November 24, 2013 A Thanksgiving Homily Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

November 17, 2013 When the Whole World Quakes  Rev JD Benson

November 3, 2013 Covenant Sermon  Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

October 27, 2013 Conscious Dying Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz & Rev JD Benson

October 20, 2013 Conscious Living  Rev JD Benson & Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

October 13, 2013 Who Are the Newcomers (immigration-undivided self) Rev JD Benson

October 6, 2013 Earth and Skies  Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

September 22, 2013   The Path We Make By Walking  Rev JD Benson

May 19, 2013 Gathered in Love  Rev JD Benson

May 12, 2013 Authentic with our Youth about Sexuality (OWL)  Rev JD Benson

May 5, 2013 Harvest the Power- Meditations on Authenticity Rev Mary Ganz

April 28, 2013 Our Separate Fires Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz & Rev JD Benson

April 21, 2013 We Can Become & Why We Matter to the Earth  Rev JD Benson, Rev Mary McKinnon Ganz

April 7, 2013  Good Will Many Thanks  Rev JD Benson

March 24, 2013 Jesus the Progressive Rev JD Benson

March 3, 2013 Broken For Each Other Rev Mary Ganz

February 24, 2013  Dancing Between Notes and Music As Air  Rev Mary Ganz,  Rev JD Benson

February 3, 2013 Only One Rule, A Meditation on Play Rev Mary Ganz

January 20, 2013 Amazing Grace  Rev Mary Ganz

January 13, 2013 Cheap Grace, Tender Mercies  Rev JD Benson

January 6, 2013 Tolling of the Bells Rev JD Benson & Rev Mary Ganz

December 9, 2012 Righteous Peace, Godly Glory Rev JD Benson

December 2, 2012  Peace Sunday Rev JD Benson & Rev Mary Ganz

November 25, 2012 Grateful in the Eye of the Storm Rev JD Benson

November 11, 2012 Democracy for the Tender Hearted Rev Mary Ganz

October 21, 2012 None of Us Free Rev JD Benson

October 7, 2012  Are We A Religious Community Rev Mary Ganz

September 30, 2012  The Ground We Stand Upon Rev JD Benson

September 23, 2012  Growing Our Community Growing Ourselves Rev. Mary Ganz

September 9, 2012 What’s So Radical About Hospitality?  Rev Mary Ganz

September 2, 2012 Work As Inherent Worth and Dignity Rev Mary Ganz

August 19, 2012 I (heart) What My T-Shirt Says Rev. JD Benson

June 10, 2012  State of the Church Part 1  Rev. JD Benson

June 10, 2012  State of the Church II   Rev. Mary Ganz

May 6, 2012     Peepers in the Pond  Rev. Mary Ganz

Apr 29, 2012    Threshold Theology  Rev. JD Benson

Apr 22, 2012    Speaking Through the Earth  Rev. Mary Ganz

Apr 15, 2012    Being Home  Rev. Mary Ganz

Apr 15, 2012    Giving to the Future  Rev. JD Benson

Apr 01, 2012    Transformation: A Fool’s Errand?    Rev. JD Benson

Mar 18, 2012    The Lees of Comet Wine    Rev. JD Benson

Mar 11, 2012     Esther and the Power to Be Heard    Rev. Mary Ganz

Mar 11, 2012     The Will to Speak    Rev. JD Benson

Mar 04, 2012    Where the Earth Is Breathing    Rev. Mary Ganz

Feb 26, 2012    Got Salvation?    Rev. JD Benson

Feb 12, 2012    Into Oneness    Rev. Mary Ganz

Feb 12, 2012    Out of Self    Rev. JD Benson

Feb 05, 2012    Impossible Blossoms: On Joy    Rev. Mary Ganz

Jan 15, 2012    Building Beloved Community    Rev. Mary Ganz

Jan 08, 2012    Making It Count    Rev. JD Benson


Dec 25, 2011  Gifts of Hope  Revs. Ganz and Benson

Dec 04, 2011  Getting Real about Hope Rev. Mary Ganz

Nov 20, 2011 Breaking Bread, Not Bodies Rev. Mary Ganz

Nov 13, 2011 Faithful Response Rev. JD Benson

Nov 06, 2011 Just as Long  Rev. Mary Ganz

Oct 16, 2011  A Home Like No Other  Rev. JD Benson

Oct 16, 2011  The Road Home  Rev. Mary Ganz

Oct 09, 2011  On the Journey   Rev. Mary Ganz

Oct 02, 2011  Ready to Forgive  Rev. JD Benson

Sep 25, 2011  The Zen of Seeing  Bev Kimball

Sep 18, 2011  Creating Paradise  Rev. Mary Ganz

Sep 11, 2011  Gathering of Waters / Gathering of Light  Rev. Mary Ganz

Sep 11, 2011   The Other Side  Rev. JD Benson

Aug 21, 2011  Shaping Our Worth  Rev. Mary Ganz

Aug 21, 2011  Wearing Your Heart  Rev. JD Benson

Aug 07, 2011   Riding the Wave   Rev. Mary Ganz

Aug 07, 2011   Being the Wave     Rev. JD Benson

July 31, 2011   Let’s Go Fly a Kite   Rev. Bill Clark

June 19, 2011  State of the Church 1  Rev. JD Benson

June 19, 2011  State of the Church 2  Rev. Mary Ganz

June 12, 2011  The Shape of Justice    Rev. JD Benson

May 22, 2011  Norming the Moses Zucchini   Rev. Mary Ganz

May 01, 2011  Big Questions: What Is Happiness?   Rev. Mary Ganz

Apr 17, 2011  Turning the Tables  Rev. Mary Ganz

Apr 10, 2011  Big Questions: What Does Our Death Mean Rev. JD Benson

Apr 03, 2011  Homily: “Faithfulness and Foolishness I” Rev. Mary Ganz

Apr 03, 2011  Homily: “Faithfulness and Foolishness II” Rev. JD Benson

Mar 27, 2011  Welcoming the Stranger Rev. JD Benson

Mar 13, 2011  Homily: “In Good Light” Rev. Mary Ganz

Mar 13, 2011  Homily: “The Third Loneliness” Rev. JD Benson

Mar 06, 2011  Big Questions: Finding Our Way Rev. Mary Ganz

Feb 27, 2011  ‘Til Death Do We Live Rev. JD Benson

Feb 06, 2011  Big Questions: What Saves Us? Rev. Mary Ganz

Jan 30, 2011   On the Frontier of Our Ideals Rev. JD Benson

Jan 16, 2011  Homily: “Creative Extremism for Justice” Rev. Mary Ganz

Jan 16, 2011  Homily: “Love and Power” Rev. JD Benson

Jan 9, 2011    Big Questions: What Is My Purpose?  Rev. Mary Ganz


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