Our History

28756_117258318296281_4605893_nFounded in 1700, this was originally a Puritan church. It was the law that there be a church within five miles’ walking distance of the homes in any community, and First Parish was it for this town!  Unitarianism was formalized as a denomination in 1825, and our church was among many Puritan churches that leaned toward the new Unitarian ways of thinking. First Parish became a Unitarian church sometime in the mid 1800s. In 1961 Unitarians and Universalists consolidated into one, and this congregation thus became a Unitarian Universalist community.

Our polity—how decisions are made—is congregational: that is, the members of the church decide who their “called” ministers will be and who their Board of Trustees will be, and it is the membership of the church that supports the work of the church financially and with volunteer work in the office, in action groups and task forces, and on committees.

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