Covenant Groups

Interested in becoming more connected within our FPB Community?

Covenant Groups connect members, friends, and newcomers for the purpose of deepening our relationships with one another and fostering individual spiritual growth.

Groups of eight to ten people, led by trained facilitators, meet once a month for two hours at church or in a member’s home from October through May.

Members commit to attending their groups for the church year, and together develop a covenant, or guideline, as to how they are to be in relationship with one another.

At each meeting, co-facilitators guide the group through a set format:

  • Chalice lighting
  • Opening Reading
  • Brief personal check-in
  • Reflection questions on the topic
  • Sharing thoughts on the topic
  • Closing Reading

Covenant Group Themes

At the core of each Covenant Group meeting is a topic with questions designed as a springboard for reflection on the deeper issues of who we are and what gives our lives meaning.

Most Covenant Groups are organized to explore themes the whole congregation has heard from the pulpit — themes such as forgiveness, hope, joy, gratitude, transformation. Other groups are developed around topics of interest to members of the community — topics such as aging.

Service Projects

Each covenant group is encouraged to perform at least one service project to help our church, local or global community. Working on a project is a rewarding way to bond together and make a difference.


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