2016-2017 Council Members

Topper Roth, Acting Chair & Chair-elect (2019)
Pat Amos (2017)
Marilee Crocker (2017)
Gail Webb (2018)
Monica Goubaud (2018)
Karen Witting (2018)
Joan Barnard (2017)
Bill Roberts, Board of Trustees Liaison

The Council of Ministries functions as a communication body between the Committees of the Church, the Minister and the Board of Trustees, and is charged with committee health and relations.  Responsibilities of the Council include: maintain close communications with committees; write monthly reports about their activities; expedite communications between the ministers or the board and committees; actively seek ways to promote committee health; facilitate communication and collaboration between committees; organize Committee of Chairs gatherings each year for sharing and interaction between committees; work with committees regarding their budget requests and host an annual event to promote awareness of the committees within First Parish.

Council Meeting Minutes

First Parish Brewster Council Member Responsibilities


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