Sanctuary:  1969 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631
Office:  1 Harwich Rd, Brewster, MA 02631  * all mail should be sent to Office.
Office Hours: Monday to Friday    9:00 – 12:00

Church Office and Staff
(508) 896-5577

Our Developmental Minister: 
the Reverend Tom Bozeman (Ext. 308)

Our Affiliate Community Minister:
the Reverend Tracy Johnson

Danica Buckley, Music Director (Ext. 307)

Lucy Banner, Pianist

Rich Elliott-Grunes, OMG (Organic Music Group)  Director

Children and Youth Ministries:
deer Sullivan, CYM Director (Ext. 303)

Liz Libby, Youth Ministry Coordinator

Administration and Finance:
Karena Stroh, A&F Director (Ext. 304)

Ted Jalowick, Bookkeeper (ext. 305)

Thrift Shop Manager: Linda Delorey (508) 896-8744

Sexton & Videographer: Jennie Mignone (508) 776-6844

Brewster Thrift Store 508-896-8744

Other Important Contacts

Submissions and questions for the Weekly Angle

Submissions and questions for the quarterly Angle/ misc PR

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