A Welcoming Congregation

memorial flagsCheck out our recent vigil for Orlando right here at First Parish Brewster

First Parish Brewster UU was the first church in the nation to be affirmed by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (the UUA) as a “Welcoming Congregation,” completing a two-year program to examine homophobia and to become fully and joyfully welcoming of LGBT persons and affirming asset_upload_file291_293221of LGBT relationships. During the Welcoming Congregations process, participants learn about Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people and communities, explore their own issues of heterosexism, homophobia or internalized homophobia, and learn to open their minds and hearts, becoming ever more welcoming of diversity in sexual orientation, family constellations, and people of different gender identities. First Parish is proud of this history.

Our Welcoming Congregation work led us to found the Cape Cod Coalition of Welcoming Congregations, an outreach ministry to congregations of many faith traditions which are seeking to become welcoming and affirming to GLBTQ persons and families.  Our work together in this area also has led us to strong support of marriage equality.  Our congregation gave moral support to Gloria and Linda Bailey-Davies, plaintiffs in the Massachusetts marriage equity lawsuit.

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