Pathways to Membership

Pathways to Membership

Joining a church, becoming a steward of our church, requires information, experience of the community, and reflection. To that end we encourage you to come to a number of services, talk with members and with our ministers. The requirements of membership are three:

1) attend an FPB 101 workshop during which you and others learn about this congregation and the Unitarian Universalist tradition. It’s a time, too, to meet and talk with others who may share your questions and your excitement!

2) make a pledge or contribution of record. This is something you can discuss with one of the ministers to help you sort out what level of financial commitment is right for you to make at this time.

3) Sign our Membership Book. Most often this is done during a Sunday service, with others, in a brief and meaningful ceremony welcoming you into the community of members.

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