MSCimageSunday, July 24, 2016
Exploring Our Sense of Curiosity and Creativity: An Eighth UU Principal?
-Bob Marcus and Chuck Madansky

Bob Marcus will reveal his proposal for expanding the current list of 7 UU Principles to 8, extolling the virtues of nurturing our curiosity and creativity.  Exploiting and developing our natural sense of curiosity and creativity, and viewing them as personal imperatives, can add immeasurable richness and meaning to our lives.  One might even argue that they are intellectual “itches” which need to be continually “scratched” for us to fully achieve our potential as human beings and our understanding of the world.  Join longtime congregation member Bob Marcus as he considers whether an eighth UU Principal should be added to reflect the importance of nurturing our curiosity about the natural world and our potential for creativity.

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