Sunday, June 25, 2017 10am
I AM, therefore I think (and love, and play, and create, and…)

-Bob Marcus with Lindsey Straus

“I AM” is probably the most profound statement humankind can make. It means:
“I am self-aware” or “I am self-conscious” or “There is an ‘I’ that exists, which is me”.
A host of human implications and obligations result from this simple act of being conscious
of ourselves.   Join longtime member of the congregation and humanist, Bob Marcus,
as he explores some of the values that stem from self-awareness, such as  thinking, loving, reading, playing, creating, empathy, wonder, awe, curiosity,  and how they seem to set humans apart from today’s machines.

Post Worship Conversation 11:15

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Love Is the Doctrine of Our Church, And . . .
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