Winter Cancellation Procedure
If Sunday service or a FPBUU event is cancelled due to weather, we will send out an eblast, post it on firstparishbrewster.org, post it on facebook.com/fpbuu and capecod.com (they have a cancellation section).  It will also be announced on 99.9, 104 and 104.7 radio stations. 

Above all, we hope you stay safe and warm during this unpredictable season.

Sunday, March 26, 2017 10am
Sermon Series on Flow, Part 1
Receiving The Flow
the Reverend Tom Bozeman

As we look to the returning green in our part of the world, what can we learn about the life of life? How can we listen in such a way that our own lives are imbued with a greater vitality and gratitude? “You could not step twice into the same river,” is how the famous words of ancient Ephesian philosopher Heraclitus can be translated. Heraclitus pointed toward change as being central to the workings of the universe. Ultimately, western philosophy disagreed, which likely made possible all the scientific advancement from which we benefit – but at what cost? And what riches might we encounter by relearning an orientation to change?

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Love Is the Doctrine of Our Church, And . . .
Where people interact, make decisions together and share tasks, conflicts will arise. The Right Relations Team (RRT) at FPB UU was formed in part to support our members in dealing with interpersonal conflicts in a respectful and emotionally safe way. If you feel puzzled, or stuck in a difficult relational situation at FPB, we hope you will contact a member of the RRT to see if we can help. What you share will be held in the utmost confidence.

The Right Relations Team –
Melissa Alves, Sue Fleming, Pat Gubbins, Judy Harrison, Scott McLane, Wilderness Sarchild

RRT Contact: Susan Fleming, susanfleming8@gmail.com, 774-722-0812