Sunday, October 22, 2017   10 am
Pancheta Peterson, Community Minister

What is the meaning of home? Where is our home? Is shelter a human right? What is the role of our congregation, both historically and going forward, in supporting affordable housing on Cape Cod?? Join Social Justice Committee Members and Worship Leader Pancheta Peterson as we explore these questions.

Childcare will be available during the service in Fellowship Hall


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Love Is the Doctrine of Our Church, And . . .
Where people interact, make decisions together and share tasks, conflicts will arise. The Right Relations Team (RRT) at FPB UU was formed in part to support our members in dealing with interpersonal conflicts in a respectful and emotionally safe way. If you feel puzzled, or stuck in a difficult relational situation at FPB, we hope you will contact a member of the RRT to see if we can help. What you share will be held in the utmost confidence.

The Right Relations Team –
Melissa Alves, Sue Fleming, Pat Gubbins, Scott McLane, Wilderness Sarchild, April Naturale, Vicki Goldsmith and James Carbone

RRT Contact: Susan Fleming, susanfleming8@gmail.com, 774-722-0812